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Fisherman in Ghana, photograph taken by Tue Greenfort November 2005

Arts & Ecology is a programme supporting the work of the arts in examining and addressing environmental concerns in an international arena.

Arts & Ecology explores the current practice of artists, writers, architects and film-makers through a series of conferences, publications and projects that looks at local and global projects that attempt to communicate, challenge and sometimes propose solutions to pollution, waste and loss of natural habitats. The issues at stake – from the broad one climate change to the resultant problems of desertification, waste and dwindling biodiversities will be examined through artists’ practices, and through interdisciplinary dialogue with scientists, industrialists, government and environmental groups.

A key notion informing the entire project is that of ecology as a study of an individual’s relationship with their cultural, social and economic, as well as natural, environment. As such this is a broad reaching programme and aims to locate the arts as a central player in providing creative, and sometimes radical, insights and solutions to the challenges facing contemporary society. The information hub of this website provides a growing bibliography and directory of the inspirational work of many artists, writers and agencies that is currently taking place across arts forms.

"Arts Council England is delighted to be working in close partnership with the RSA on this timely initiative.  Artists have for some time been engaged with ecological questions - providing perspectives that can differ in important ways from those of scientists and environmentalists.  The programme will allow us to focus in on the particular contribution that art can and does make, as well as creating space for a dialogue with wider constituencies about shared, even, global concerns"

Sir Christopher Frayling - Chair, Arts Council England


COMING UP Arts & Ecology - Adaptable Ecosystems curated by Francesco Manacorda.December 2006 London venue tbc.

ALSO - Coming up in Newcastle Gateshead, October 2006. A programme of events, exhibitions and activities including a one-day seminar, exploring the significance of climate change and bringing it to public attention and engagement.